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Ask any vegan about plant-based cheese alternatives and you will most likely hear some strong opinions. When it comes to vegan cheese options, we herbivores have put up with a lot of promises but pretty poor delivery from companies claiming to have replicated the taste and texture of the dairy version. Well not anymore! Green Vie, a Cypriot company specialising in cheese alternatives, has come along to save the day by producing many varieties of vegan cheese substitutes for all occasions. Seriously, some of these cheeses are even tastier than their dairy counterparts, AND with the added bonus of being cruelty free!

All of Green Vies products are dairy and lactose free as well as soya, nut, and palm oil free which makes them a viable addition to a wide variety of diets. In addition to the extensive range catering to the cheesiest needs imaginable, Green Vies website gives great inspiration, detailed recipes, and useful facts for newcomers to the plant powered world. Check out Plantini’s favourite tried and tested Green Vie cheeses below and try not to drool too hard while you plan your next sandwich, snack, or cheese board! Any excuse for a cheese board….

Green Vie Blue Block

Served in slices or chunks, or spread thin on wholewheat crackers, this sharp blue cheese has a tang that can rival any dairy version in taste. Rich, nutty and so flavoursome it will have you coming back for another bite. Blue Block melts easily into a delicious sauce for pasta or, when cubed, can be the melty magic ingredient in a potato griddle cake. It even looks the part, convincingly crumbly with blue vein marbling running through the block!

Green Vie Blue Blok 200g (

GreenVie Greek Style

For a lighter bite, cube this feta-style plant-based cheese and serve it with red grapes, green olives or chunks of apple and pear. Greek style block stands up to a little heat, can be crumbled on pizza, stirred through pasta, or tossed in a fresh garden salad. Use Greek Style wherever a recipe calls for feta cheese and you and your guests will not be disappointed by taste, texture, or the ethical origin of this delicious ingredient!

Green Vie Greek Style 200g (

GreenVie Vegrill Block

If you once enjoyed the versatility and taste of halloumi back in your dairy days, this product is a great plant-based replacement. Grill it, fry it, or coat it in breadcrumbs and bake it, either way the Vegrill block retains its structure and is rich in taste, texture, and that slight halloumi squeak. Serve grilled with home cut chips and ketchup or laid on a fresh chopped chunky salad for an easy and nutritious meal.

Green Vie Vegrill Block 200g (

GreenVie The Vintage Cheddar

For a melty toasted cheese sandwich, a rich mac and cheese or a traditional Ploughman’s lunch, you can’t beat a strong aged cheddar. This vintage cheddar is sharp, tasty and does not leave you wanting. Great for grating, slicing, melting or just cramming into your mouth at 2am while staring into the fridge, whatever floats your boat! This cheddar substitute saves the day for cheese-aholics like me, it keeps me satisfied, super satiated and 100% sure no animals were harmed in the making of my sandwich.

Green Vie The Vintage Cheddar 200g (

GreenVie Gouda Slices

If you, like me, are a big gouda fan, try these delicious gouda style slices from Green Vie. Melted on toast, sitting in a salad sandwich, or grilled until warm and bubbly, these slices have the taste, texture, and the ease of any typical dairy cheese. The smoky, nutty taste of this gouda is well developed and wholly unexpected from a plant-based recipe. The only question left with these Green Vie gouda slices is, is one packet going to be enough? Probably not, better pick up two….

Green Vie Gouda Slices 500g (

GreenVie Parveggio Grated

Parveggio looks, tastes, and feels like a grated parmesan, and can be used in any recipe calling for parmesan as it behaves in the same way. It melts finely, adds the sharp and nutty tang we are accustomed to from dairy parm, is full of flavour and fortified with B12 to satisfy that particular vegan diet requirement. Available in a cheese wheel or already grated, this substitute is extremely useful in the plant-based kitchen, sprinkled on pasta, pizza or anywhere you fancy a sprinkle really. Go wild!

Green Vie Parveggio Grated 100g (

GreenVie Spread Classic

No conversation about cheese is complete without a mention of the old favourite: cream cheese, and, in my humble opinion, Green Vie have perfected the plant-based version. Creamy, dreamy, spreadable, and delightfully NOT likely to melt upon impact with a toasted bagel, Green Vies Classic Spread cream cheese is so tasty there is a real danger of eating it with a spoon straight from the container. And why not? Try this cream cheese mixed into warm pasta and pesto for a creamy dressing, you can even use it in baking. Technically, this delicious product is called Spread Me. Don’t mind if I do!

Green Vie Spread Classic 250g (

As you can see, when it comes to plant based vegan cheese substitutes, and taking in every factor from meltiness to texture and tastiness to more-ish-ness, Green Vie have us covered! But don’t take our word for it, check out the full range at Everything from plants (

Don’t forget, 10% of our profits are donated directly to Heartstone Veganic Sanctuary to ensure the rescue animals have access to food, bedding, and medication. On behalf of the animals, thank you. Your purchase matters!

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