Kala Namak - Black Salt

Kala Namak! So what is it? Kala Namak is a pungent salty condiment popular in Indian cuisine. Also known as Himalayan rock or black salt, when ground to fine powder it appears a dusty pink colour. Mined rock salt is heated to extremely high temperatures before being mixed with harad seeds and other additives to create this spice. It is an ancient additive, believed to have therapeutic and medicinal properties, and the use of kala namak as a condiment has been traced back to 300 BC!  

Why Use it?

Due to its unique sulphurous taste and hard boiled egg aroma, black salt is often added to scrambled tofu to create a classic vegan breakfast, but that’s not the only use for this fine salt powder. Popular in Indian dishes, black salt has antioxidant and anti-flatulent properties and may counteract the copious amounts of beans in your vegan diet!

 When to use it?

As suggested, sprinkle a little black salt on scrambled tofu to enhance to flavour, the dish looks and tastes just like scrambled egg! Add a pinch to stir-fries, casseroles, soups and stews. Develop the flavour of curries, paneer, tikka, dahl or kofta. A little Kala Namak goes a long way so be careful, too much can produce the unpleasant aroma of rotten egg! 

Where to buy it?

Kala Namak is a perfect additive for the new vegan or those interested in bolstering the flavour profile of their plant based meals. As salts are used in such small quantities, a small package will last a long time in your pantry. Our Kala Namak is sold in 100g pouches, ideal to keep moisture at bay and prevent caking. For regular users of black salt, a larger size pack is now available too. Our Crystalline Planet Kala Namak package weighs in at 600g.

It is an interesting and affordable addition to the spice rack and once you have mastered cooking with Kala Namak, you will never want to do without it again!

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