Locally made meals delivered anywhere in Ireland!

Hello dear friends! I have been quite busy in the last few days working on new website layout and I forgot to put a proper update on what is going on lately! Amazing news for everyone interested in wholesome, locally made meals - we are now a partner of Plant Based Plans and proud to announce that we will now send their delicious meal plans all over Ireland!

All the dishes are handmade using fresh local produce where possible, fresh frozen to reduce waste, delivered to your door in climate controlled packaging to make meal times easy. 

We have 2 types of meal plans available at the moment - weekly plan, which will change every week and a monthly plan, which will give you new meals every week for 4 weeks at a reduced price. If you purchase a monthly plan - each week you will receive a set of meals from a current weekly plan so you don't need to worry - we will not send you all 40 meals at once and give you a headache from thinking where to put this massive amount of food :D.

Meals will be sent to you in climate controlled packaging - double cardboard box with insulation and non-toxic freeze gel pack (you can reuse these packs to chill your drinks in the summer, when going to a picnic, or just cut the bag and dispose contents into a drain under running water and recycle the bag). This will ensure a stable 8 degrees temperature during courier transit and ensure your meals reach you in fresh, peak condition:).

To be honest I am buying a monthly plan as well this month because not only it's cheaper than cooking (yup, think about electricity, your time etc) but also it's great for a busy person like me! I work full time and apart from that - also running Plantini, usually just coming from one job, eating my dinner and into a second job, right until 1 am in the morning, no weekends off for me:).

I think what is most important (especially for me!) - that 10% of profits from selling PBP meals will go to Hearstone Veganic Sanctuary which is in desperate need of help. So if you want to try delicious 100% vegan meals, made by a vegan owned company and distributed via 100% vegan trade chain and also - help animals in sanctuaries, check out Plant Based Meal Plans - really worth it!

P.S. For some reason I could not post a picture with this blog:/ will add it as soon as possible:). If you have any questions - hit me at sales@plantini.co.uk, send me a message via Facebook or Instagram and don't forget to join Vegan Businesses Ireland group for exclusive offers!

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