Plantini’s Plant-based Pancakes

Pancake Tuesday is an important holiday in this house, and it simply must be celebrated. In style. And just because we choose a plant-based diet doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a crispy crepe or the light and airy texture of an American style pancake. This recipe makes 8 medium sized fluffy cakes, ready for your choice of delicious toppings. Our favourites? Berries, bananas, chocolate syrup and dairy free yogurt…. Mmmm….

Plantini’s top tips for Perfect Pancakes:

  • Always use a measure. It keeps the size and thickness of a batch consistent.
  • Ensure your pancake pan is non-stick and have the right tools at hand.
  • Lightly grease the pan using oiled paper towel. Swirl oil on the pan between cakes.
  • Mix your pancakes up with new flavours. Toss a handful of chocolate chips or blueberries into the mix before it goes to the pan and experiment.
  • Serve with a healthy plate of fresh fruit or a warm berry compote, add a generous scoop of yogurt for a balanced meal!
  • Use two pans at once. It gets those cakes to the table twice as quick!

Ingredients (makes 8 pancakes):

300 g plain flour

2 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon agave syrup

1 flax egg (1 tablespoon ground flax, 3 tablespoon warm water)

20g gram flour

400 g unsweetened soya milk

1 tablespoon oil

2 teaspoons baking powder

¼ teaspoon xanthan gum

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

Pinch salt


1. Prepare the flax egg by mixing 1 tablespoon of ground flax with 3 tablespoons of warm water and let it rest. 

2. Mix the dry ingredients together in a large bowl, add the milk, agave, vanilla and oil and whisk to a batter consistency. 

3. Wet a piece of paper towel with vegetable oil, swirl it around the pan to coat and, using a ¼ cup measure, spoon the batter onto the pan. Fry for 1 minute on either side, until air bubbles form and burst and the cake begins to brown. 

4. Store pancakes piled high on a heated plate until serving. Uneaten pancakes, however unlikely that scenario is, will keep for 3 days when wrapped tightly and stored in a cool, dark place.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow our recipe and become a plant-based pancake pro! Drop your photos in the comments section and let us know your favourite pancake topping!

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